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Your Advocate In White Collar Crime Defense: Lawyer James Egan

As a business owner, professional or employee, facing allegations of a white collar crime can be a shocking turn of events. Suddenly, you’re up against serious charges that threaten your freedom, tarnish your reputation and put your career at risk.

In these critical moments, you need an attorney like James Egan – a white collar crimes defense lawyer with more than 15 years of experience and thousands of criminal cases under his belt. Attorney Egan is a former prosecutor who now uses that insight to craft an effective defense in these complex cases. His diligence hasn’t gone unnoticed; he has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Criminal Defense Attorneys for Rochester in 2024 by TrustAnalytica.

Covering All Angles Of White Collar Criminal Charges

White collar crime charges might involve New York state or federal law. The scope of these charges includes:

  • Identity theft
  • Grand larceny
  • Criminal possession of a forged instrument
  • Mail and wire fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Forgery
  • Falsifying business records
  • Insurance fraud
  • Environmental crimes
  • Tax crimes
  • Computer crimes
  • And more

Each of these offenses involves complex elements. Attorney Egan understands the nuances that can make a major impact on your case. He will address all angles to build a robust defense.

What It Takes To Craft A Strong Defense

White collar crime charges require a significant amount of evidence to establish proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Challenging them requires a thorough, investigative approach. You need a lawyer who is not only knowledgeable in the law but also tech-savvy and business-savvy. James Egan fits the bill.

Attorney Egan is equipped with the right resources and experience. He understands the critical role expert witnesses often play in these cases and is prepared to enlist the right allies to build your defense.

The sooner you reach out to him, the better. Don’t waste time if you’re under investigation or already facing charges for a white collar offense.

Get The Unwavering Defense You Deserve

During this pivotal juncture, you will find an unwavering ally in attorney James Egan. Learn more about how he can fight for you. Call 585-510-5101 or reach out to James Egan Law online to speak with him about your situation.