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At James Egan Law in Rochester, New York, you can partner with a compassionate and experienced guardianship attorney. Attorney James Egan can guide you through the process of submitting the petition and attending the hearing required to obtain guardianship over an incapacitated loved one.  Guardianship is a legal concept that authorizes a court to appoint a guardian to manage the personal and financial affairs of an incapacitated person. An incapacitated person may be unable to pay their bills, provide themselves with proper medical care, or make important decisions due to mental incapacity. Guardianship can allow a family member or loved one to take on these responsibilities legally so that the incapacitated person’s best interests may be protected.

Guardianship Allows You To Protect An Incapacitated Person’s Health, Finances And General Well-Being

A person is considered incapacitated when they are no longer able to care for themselves and/or manage their affairs. Old age, dementia and various mental illnesses often result in a declaration of incapacity. A guardian can ensure that an incapacitated person gets the medical care that they need, pays all of their bills and taxes, and properly manages their finances. A guardian can also take action to protect an incapacitated person from being taken advantage of or subjected to physical, emotional, and financial abuse.

The process of obtaining guardianship starts with filing a petition with the court. A guardianship lawyer can help you prepare and file this paperwork. Then, the court will appoint an evaluator to investigate and decide whether or not guardianship is necessary for the situation. Finally, a hearing will be held, and the court will make a decision. A guardianship attorney can also represent you at the hearing and ensure that all the necessary evidence is presented.

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