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The stakes are incredibly high when you’re accused of a violent crime. A criminal charge carries the weight of potential life-altering consequences. In these critical moments, you need a defense that is both immediate and strategic.

Attorney James Egan can offer you that robust defense. As a former prosecutor with over 15 years of legal experience, he brings a wealth of criminal law knowledge to the table. He’s handled thousands of criminal cases and earned recognition as one of TrustAnalytica’s Top 10 Criminal Defense Attorneys for Rochester in 2024. With him by your side, you can face the legal system with confidence.

The Fundamentals Of Violent Crime Charges In New York

Violent crimes encompass a range of offenses, including assault, battery, homicide and domestic assault. State law treats these offenses with utmost severity.

A conviction for a violent crime can shatter your future. Even a misdemeanor assault conviction can result in lifelong consequences. Beyond the immediate penalties like prison time and fines, the long-term effects can include difficulty finding employment and securing housing on top of irreparable harm to your reputation. Moreover, a conviction could cost you certain civil rights, such as the right to own or possess firearms.

Your Rights And The Necessity Of A Defense Lawyer

When charged with a violent crime, protecting your rights is paramount. The first thing to understand is your Miranda rights. The police are required to read you these rights when you’re arrested or taken into custody. They include your right to remain silent and your right to legal representation.

Exercising those rights is crucial. Don’t ever talk to the police or prosecutors without an attorney by your side. The sooner you enlist a lawyer like James Egan, the better protected you will be.

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