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Planning your financial future is rarely a fun event. However, it’s a smart and necessary decision to make. Additionally, you can take steps to ensure your financial future at any age. The best way to do this is by securing an estate planning attorney. Trust and estate planning can feel a bit morbid to think about, but having a plan in place is the only way to be prepared. If something unfortunate happens, you want to be sure that your family will be okay. This is why you may want to look into an attorney for trusts. You can turn to James Egan Lawif you’re located near Monroe County, New York, or the surrounding areas. Attorney Egan works as an estate planning attorney and is ready to walk you through the process. Plus, he aims to keep estate lawyer fees reasonable. Attorney Egan is a former prosecutor, so you know you will have someone you can trust working on your side. The practice is based in Rochester, New York, and serves local communities, including:

  • Ontario County
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  • Wayne County
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Having an established Will can give you some peace of mind. An unexpected death is always tragic. However, things can become even worse for a grieving family when there isn’t any financial plan in place. This is why hiring an estate planning attorney early on is so important. This way, you can take care of trust and estate planning before it ever becomes an issue. When you’re looking for an attorney for trusts, look no further than James Egan. Attorney Egan has the experience to sort out your family’s financial future. If you’re located near Monroe County, New York, you can get started today. Attorney Egan has competitive estate lawyer fees. Call the office for a free consultation.

What Is Trust And Estate Planning?

Establishing a trust is an excellent way to plan for the future. There are many benefits to setting up a trust. An experienced estate planning attorney can give specific details. With a trust, you have direct control over the distribution of your assets following death. A trust gives specific guidance towards what to do with your assets, and when. It lets you decide who will gain control of and manage your trust when you are no longer able to do so. Therefore, you can choose the person whom you trust to take control of your assets.

James Egan Law can help you prepare your Will, Power of Attorney or Health Care Proxy documents. If you have a loved one who is in the unfortunate position of being unable to care for their own finances or make decisions for themselves, attorney Egan can help you apply for Guardianship to make decisions on their behalf. A trust will also save your benefactors’ money. A trust reduces taxes and can remove the need for probate court when distributing assets. If you want to establish a thorough plan for your assets and finances, give estate planning attorney James Egan a call. He’s located near Monroe County, New York, and ready to get to work for you as an attorney for trusts.

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A good estate planning attorney will have the goal of reducing future taxes and court costs for you. When planning your financial future, you must consider the taxes that will be paid upon death. You can mitigate some of these costs with an effective trust. You can get started on your own by contacting James Egan Law. Attorney Egan has over 12 years of professional legal experience. Additionally, he aims to keep estate lawyer fees reasonable. You can call 585-510-5101 today to get started.